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A modernization consists of taking an already existing elevator and upgrading certain components in order to improve the functionality, reliability, and safety of the equipment. The hoistway and the elevator car remain intact while the mechanical and electrical, and in some cases cosmetic, components are replaced with new and better equipment. Not all modernizations require everything to be completely replaced and quotes can be tailored to exactly what is needed for a specific unit.

K & M Elevator offers modernization work ranging from minor cosmetic changes of fixtures and cabs to an extensive replacement of components such as doors, door tracks, controllers, machines, and jacks, all at competitive prices.

What does the K & M Elevator team provide during the modernization phase?
  1. Communication and Collaboration: K & M Elevator believes that communication is key. We work directly with you from the start of the modernization project to the finished product, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience. Our team is dedicated to understanding your requirements and keeping you informed throughout the process. We recognize that during any project such as this, unforeseen circumstances can arise unrelated to our scope, we will work with you to mitigate any project or financial impact.
  2. Experienced Project Team: Our hands-on management team play a crucial role in modernization projects. They assist in all aspects of planning and coordination, ensuring that the project stays on budget, meets all requirements, and adheres to completion dates. With their expertise, you can trust that your modernization project is in capable hands.
  3. Installation of Non-Proprietary Equipment: At K & M Elevator, we install American made and non-proprietary equipment, providing you with the freedom to choose any company for future maintenance and repair services. This ensures flexibility and allows you to make decisions that align with your needs.
  4. Energy Efficiency and Environmental Considerations: Our modernization solutions focus on reducing energy consumption and minimizing the environmental impact. By incorporating energy-efficient components and technologies, we help you contribute to sustainability while potentially reducing operational costs in the long run.
  5. Utilization of Existing Equipment: Whenever possible, we strive to make use of your existing equipment to reduce waste and unnecessary costs. By evaluating the condition and suitability of your current elevator components, we can determine if any can be integrated into the modernization process. This approach optimizes resource utilization and offers a cost-effective solution.

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