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Company Background

K & M Elevator is a company with humble beginnings and a remarkable journey of growth and success. Established in 2015 with just three dedicated employees, the company has flourished into a thriving enterprise with over 70 employees. The foundation of this success story has been built on the principles of hard work, dedication, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

What sets K & M Elevator apart is not just its impressive growth, but the reputation it has earned through word of mouth. The company’s stellar track record and the trust it has garnered from its clients are a testament to its exceptional service and commitment to quality. Over the years, K & M Elevator has not just expanded its business but also its family. Founded on the principles of taking care of employees and their families, the company has promoted a close-knit and supportive work environment.

At the heart of K & M Elevator’s success story are its dynamic leaders Jason, and Fallon Eggleston. Their journey began two decades ago when they met at an elevator company and decided to take the leap many years later in starting their own company after seeing the desperate need in the industry. Recently married and parents to six children, they share a passion for hockey, travel, spending quality time with family, and giving back to the community.

Our Management

Jason Eggleston
Chief Operations Officer

Jason Eggleston, our esteemed Chief Operations Officer, is a trailblazer in the vertical transportation service and construction industry and known for his strategic leadership and superior dedication. With a remarkable 28-year journey in the elevator industry, his career started as a Helper in 1996 at one of the three largest elevator companies in the world, after serving his country as a Marine. He progressed to a Mechanic where he learned the importance of maintenance and service strategies and was eventually promoted to a Supervisor position. This was essential in his management and development of operational skills and deep understanding of customer service. In 2006 he began his tenure as Director of Operations for a local independent elevator company.

Jason brought an unparalleled level of expertise in building K & M Elevator as the Chief Operations Officer in 2015. He plays a pivotal role in our company’s operations and utilizes his extensive experience in ensuring efficient and high-quality execution of service, maintenance, modernization, and construction operations, meeting company standards and contractual obligations. He is a dynamic leader when it comes to bidding and estimating projects, which is crucial in our industry. He conducts regular staff meetings to develop and tailor operating procedures aligned with corporate standards, client objectives, and contract specifics. His influence also includes overseeing compliance of operational safety, risk management and policy conformity, driving the growth and success of K & M Elevator.

Jason’s leadership extends to the management, training, mentoring and development of our entire team, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in their positions, fostering a culture of merit within our organization and prioritizing the well-being of our team and clients alike, which is the foundation of K & M’s achievements. His attention to detail and strategic thinking ensure that we remain competitive while delivering the highest quality of service.

Fallon Eggleston
Chief Executive Officer

Fallon Eggleston is a visionary leader and seasoned professional who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of K & M Elevator, with over 16 years of experience in executive administration and senior management roles. Her administrative background started in 2003, where she quickly advanced her career through various administrative, accounting, and executive level positions. She began to work for a growing elevator company in 2007, which lasted over 8 years after graduating college, providing her with the office and business management expertise that molded her future. In 2013 she held a Financial Project Management position at a retail management firm, where she managed multimillion-dollar projects with rapid project timelines. This position was instrumental in the development of her field implementation and management skills, exposing her to all aspects of business operations.

In 2015 she founded K & M Elevator, which wouldn’t have been possible without the loyal support of Jason. As CEO, Fallon manages K & M ‘s business and financial operations, setting its strategic direction and driving business development initiatives. Her multifaceted role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, such as the implementation of systems to boost productivity, accuracy, and customer service. She maintains a keen focus on overseeing all divisions of the company, financial reporting, projections, and budgets, aimed at ensuring the company’s growth, profitability, and commitment to customer satisfaction. All of which contribute to our company’s financial health and operational efficiency.

Fallon’s proven track record and commitment to tailoring our business approach ensures that K & M consistently meets the goals and objectives of both our clients and our company. She is devoted to achieving excellence in all aspects of her work and dedicated to continuing to elevate our vertical transportation service company, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our industry.

Terry Story

Terry Story
EVP, Operations

Terry Story is a seasoned operations executive with a distinguished career spanning nearly four decades, marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a knack for driving profitable growth. Throughout his tenure, Terry has showcased a unique blend of strategic vision, talent development, and innovative solutions, propelling organizations to new heights of success. From his early days as an apprentice and mechanic to his pivotal roles leading major business transformations, Terry has consistently delivered exceptional performance by fostering high-performing teams, implementing cutting-edge processes, and championing a modern approach to operational excellence.

Within Terry’s professional background, he championed a shift towards a Culture of Safety by implementing a behavioral-based safety program. This initiative led to a significant 40% reduction in recordable accidents per 2000 work hours among technicians. As a Safety Leader, Terry established clear safety standards and developed practices that actively involved frontline technicians. By aligning business objectives with safety goals, he cultivated a culture where safety was at the forefront of operations.

During his tenure at a global company ranked number four in the elevator industry, Terry demonstrated exceptional leadership as North American VP of Service Operations, overseeing 133 branches and managing $1.85 billion in annual revenue. His strategic problem-solving abilities and dedication to continuous improvement were evident in his efforts to reduce customer churn, enhance service delivery, and drive significant P&L improvements. Terry’s career reflects a consistent commitment to excellence, growth, and delivering tangible results that make a lasting impact. In addition, while serving as Regional Manager with a global multidisciplinary technical consultancy firm, Lerch Bates and Associates, Terry garnered a diverse experience, showcasing adaptability, agility, technical ability, and a results-driven approach.

With a proven track record of financial governance, safety leadership, and operational excellence, Terry Story stands as an influential figure in the elevator industry, contributing to the success and growth of organizations through visionary leadership and a commitment to excellence.

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Chief Engineering Officer

General Superintendent

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Chief Technology Officer

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